Massive Car Bomb explodes in Mogadishu

A  massive car bomb explosion has occurred in Mogadishu, near the national theatre

The bombers targeted a checkpoint near the building of the National Theater and Hawa Taka Monemnt in Mogadishu.

Several casualties and property of unknown value are feared to have been  lost in the blast. This is the latest wave of attacks, suspected to have been masterminded by Al-shabab terrorists.

On Thursday last week , heavy explosion rocked several buildings along the busy Maka Al Mukarama Road in Mogadishu. Among the buildings destroyed was that of Ga’aal Pharmacy, Wadhere Hotel and two restaurants.

After the car explosions,  gun-men, unknow in number later took over one of the buildings, shooting indiscriminately.  They later engaged police in a night-long battle, which was still going on by 8AM East Africa Time.

Security sources said a truck carrying several barrels of explosives rammed on to the building, detonating the explosives before the  gunmen  sang in to action, with initial reports indicating that t it was  the work of Al-Shabab fighters.

Moments later   a second car loaded with explosives attacked a second hotel, Hotel Nasa Habloid. A 3rd vehicle suspected to be carrying more explosives is still on the run