Scores feared dead as  heavy explosion rock Mogadishu’s busy street

Scores of people were feared dead Thursday night   after a heavy explosion rocked several buildings along the busy Maka Al Mukarama Road in Mogadishu.

Among the buildings destroyed were that of Ga’aal Pharmacy, Wadhere Hotel and two restaurants. According to police and eye witnesses, several bodies had been recovered by 9pm, with speculations that more could still be trapped in the debris.

Initial reports indicate  that the attackers used a car bomb to attack the premises. It was not immediately know whether the perpetrators were among those who had perished.

The explosion is among the heaviest that have been reported in the city this year. So far , no group has claimed responsibility but in the past few days terror group Al-Shabab has intensified attacks in  Mogadishu. Thee mode of operations has mainly been assignation and  bombing of targets.