Somalia Opposition Party Wadajir Meets Kenya’s Governing Jubilee Coalition Leadership

Wadajir Pary leadership met with the top echelons of the Kenyans ruling Jubilee party as they sought tips on how to strengthen their structures in Nairobi.

Yesterday, Party leader Mr. Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame and Hon. Gelle Mursal MP, Somalia Federal Parliament, met the Jubilee party Leader of Majority Aden Duale at Parliament buildings, Nairobi.

Mr Duale said “We discussed the emergence of political parties in Somalia and how they can benefit from vibrant existing strong political parties like the Jubilee Party of Kenya. We shared the existence of the political parties act, party constitution, manifestos and rules of party nominations

He added that he added them Urged them to work together both the opposition and Government for the stability, security and good governance of Somalia. In attendance were Mr. Omar Aden (Jubilee grassroots leader) and Abdiweli of Wathajir party.

Yesterdays’ meeting is a complete change of heart by the Jubilee party politician. In April last year, Kenya police blocked an attempt by the Wadajir Party to hold a get-together at the Nairobi’s Sir Ali Muslim Club Nairobi.

Mr Duale had then said that the Wadajir Party Kenya would not allow the Wadajir Party to hold the function as it was a threat to President Mohamed Farmajos’ regime.

Yesterday’s meeting is a second major indication of Mr Duale’s growing interest in the Somalia. Last week, some of his clan elders announced that they would be backing the re-election of Sheikh Madobe as the Jubaland president.

It is not yet clear what prompted the change of heart by Mr Duale, who has in the past been a staunch supporter of President Farmajo’s government. Kenya has in the past adopted a non-interference policy in internal politics of her neighbors.