Somalia oil drilling quest dives it to turbulence as leaders differ

Deep divisions have emerged among the Somalia leadership over planned Somalia Oil and Gas conference supposed to take place in London Thursday.

The government insists that an oil block auction planned had been put off , adding that the conference will be used to reveal the legal and regulatory framework and present the geological data.

The upper house has already declared that if would be boycotting the event.  Yusuf Hussein Mohamed who chairs the Somalia Parliamentary Resource Committee turned down an invitation to attend the conference.

Mr Hussein warned that those interested on the auction of Somalia oil blocks in London had no legal grounds to do so as there was no petroleum bill passed and a resource sharing law.

Among the issues that have been discussed behind the scenes are disputes between  the Federal Government of Somalia  and the regional states and lack of petroleum law regulating resource sharing.

Wadajir party through Abdirahamn Abdishakur said “Wadjir Party calls on the Federal Government to cease  the licensing of Somalia oil until transparent contracting systems  and revenue sharing  agreements have been implemented.

In London, there were fears  that Somalia living in the UK were planning to organise a demonstrations on the sidelines of the conference.

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