Anxiety as Somalia top political rivals set to meet at celebration party of new Puntland President

A state of political anxiety has enveloped the planned celebration of the election of the newly elected  l president of Puntland Region  Said Dani  set for Garowe Saturday.

Political rivals are set to share a podium for the first time even as talks of the 2020 presidential elections are already gathering storm.

The oil-rich Puntland has also not been in good terms  with the Federal Government of Somalia  and the planned licensing of oil mine fields later in February  could be a catalyst to further  tensions.

Expected to attend the ceremony are Former presidents, Hassan sheikh Mohamud, Sheikh Sharif Hassan and add that to Other prominent political oppositions such as  Aabdiraxman Abdishakuur.

The presence of Abdishakur is likely to cause tension, having in the past declared that he cannot have any dealings with the current government.

There have been talks that the former presidents would be seeking a return to the office in the 2020 election and the ceremony could act as a campaign platform as they  seek to launch  their campaigns.