Puntland Set To Vote In 5th Polls To Decide Region’s Leader

Somalia’s semi autonomous Puntland state is set to vote for the region’s leader on January 8.

Seven candidates on Saturday night announced they had dropped out of the  Puntland Presidential race.

The regional leader will be voted by 66  parliamentarians  in the asninistrative capital Garowe.

So far 29 candidates are vying for the presidency including the incumbent.

The candidates vying for the regional presidency include incumbent Abdiweli Ahmed Gaas.

Those challenging his second term are;

1.Abduqaadir Yaasin Abdule

2- Said Abdullahi Mohamed (Deni)

3.Assad Osman Abdullahi (Diyaano)

5- Ali Abdi Awaare

6- Dahir Mire Jibril

7- Dr. Bashiir Mohamed Hussein

8- Gen. Khaliif Issa Mudan

9- Abdi Farah Said  (Juha)

10- Said Mohamed Hirsi (S.Dheere)

11- Dr. Adan Mohamed Issa (Gaadaale)

12- Farah Ali Shire Jama

13- Jibril Mohamed Yusuf (Saajin)

14- Ali Haji Warsame Ahmed

15- Mohamed Osman Ali Maad

16- Mahamud Abdi Yare (Garlibaah)

17- Abdisamad Mohamed Gallan

18- Mohamed Abdullahi Hussein Shoortaaye

  1. Ali Ahmed Gamuute

20- Mohamed Said Hirsi Moorgan

21- Mohamed Ahmed Jama Shaaalle

22- Haji Mohamed Yassin Ismail

23- Hussein  Ahmed Hasan fiqi

24- Dr. Sadiq Mohamed Ahmed (Eenow)

25- Mohamed Abdullahi Hussein

26- Mahamud Khalif Hassan (Jabiye)

Puntland administration  introduced measures to ensure a smooth election and at the same time avert what it terms as possible interference from the federal governement.

Federal government officials are banned from travelling to the state during preparation for the elections and the poll day.

Puntland has conducted indirect presidential and parliamentary elections in 1998, 2001, 2005 and 2014.

Abdiweli Gaas is the fifth president of the region and is seeks another five year term.