Somalia Police Storm Wadajir Party Event 

An event organised by Somalia’s Wadajir Party ended in drama in Mogadishu when police stormed and dispersed participants.
At least 100 youth from local universities had gathered at the Hotel Makkah Al Mukaramah for what Wadajir officials say was a seminar on governance.
According to renowned Somali academician  Hassna Ali Nur  the police stormed the venue and ordered all participants to leave.
“This is total dictatorship. It is time that Somalia embraced true democracy. Dictatorship will not work.The seminar was meant to run for three days” Prof Hassan Nur who was among the lecturers in the seminar told Radio Dalsan.
Wadajir Party leader Abdishakur Abdirahman termed the incident as a “gross assault on Somali’s fragile democracy” and a “deliberate attack to (sic)  Wadajir Party and its members”.
“We hold accountable President Farmajo use of SPF to suppress freedom of expression & opposition to his rule” Abdishakur tweeted.
He added by putting the European Union which funds the Somali Police on notice.
“We shall also hold accountable @EU_in_somalia that provides stipends to SPF” he tweeted.
This will be the second event by the party to be barred by authorities in a period of one year.
“Over the last two years the number of attacks, intimidations  blackmailing and threats that the core of WP members received is increased and we feel that we are under attack” Abdishakur who recently returned from self imposed exile after his December 2017 arrest tweeted.