Somalia Mps Protest Robow Arrest Accuse Amisom Troops Of Taking Sides

A section of Somali Mps have condemned the arrest of leading presidential candidate in the southwest election Mukhtar Robow terming it “a human rights violation”.

In a statement issued by mainly pro-impeachment motion Mps the lawmakers accused the government of “using Ethiopian Amisom soldiers to solicit for their local political agenda”.

The Mps demanded President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo to tale responsibility for the violent skirmishes that hit Baidoa on Wednesday

Casualties are reported in the violent protests that followed Robows arrest.

They’re totally condemning the arrest of robow since it amounts rights violation. Plus farmajo should take the blame for the violent skirmishes in baidoa.

“We will forward a complaint against the same to the AU representative in Somalia who is in charge of Amisom affairs” the Mps said.

The statement farther says that the Speaker of the Lower House should immediately convene a session to table the Farmaajo impeachment motion.

Among the reasons why the Mps had seek for President Farmaajo to be sacked was alleged interference in the southwest elections.

Robow was arrested by Ethiopian troops following gunfight with his militia after a consultative meeting with other presidential candidates at the Baidoa Presidential Palace.