7 Al-Shabaab Killed In US Airstrike

At least 7 Alshabaab militants were killed in the latest US airstrike In To support the Federal  in Somalia, Radio Dalsan reports.

The airstrike targeted militants in the vicinity of

Quy Cad on Tuesday.

“We currently assess this airstrike killed seven (7) militants.We currently assess this airstrike did not injure or kill any civilians” a statement from the US Africom partly read.

“This precision airstrike was conducted in coordination with and in support of the Federal Government of Somalia as it continues to degrade al-Shabaab” It farther stated.

“Airstrikes reduce al-Shabaab’s ability to plot future attacks, disrupt its leadership networks, and degrade its freedom of maneuver within the region” US Africom stated.

The US has conducted more than 30 airstrikes targeting Alshabaab and Pro ISIS militant groups in 2018.