South West Approves New Polls Commission

The Baidoa based South West regional Parliament on Saturday approved new members into the electoral commission ahead of the November elections, Radio Dalsan reports.

The parliament unanimously approved the new members replacing commissioners who had  resigned citing “interference” from Villa Somalia 12 days to the polls date.

Regional leader Sharif Hassan Adan who who was in the run for office was alleged to be behind the resignation according to analysts in a move to delay elections and extend his tenure as the South West President.

Adan later resigned and quit the race in another dramatic twist of events

The  regional presidential election is set for 28 November.

Although Villa Somalia has not accepted or denied the claims of supporting particular candidates, it is believed that former NISA chief Hussein Hassan and State Minister for Trade Abdulaziz Laftagaren enjoy strong support from the office of the President and that of the Prime Minister respectively as possible replacement of  Sharif Hassan Adan.

Among the candidates vying for the is former Alshabaab number two Mukhtar Robow.