New UN Boss Meets With SW Presidential Hopefuls

United Nations Representative to Somalia, Ambassador Nicholas Haysom together with AMISOM boss, Ambassador Francisco Madeira held hours-long meeting with Southwest Presidential hopefuls.

Seven presidential aspirants, including former Al-Shabaab deputy leader Mukhtar Robow, and a female politician, attended the meeting with the UN and AMISOM bosses. Ambassador Haysom advised the presidential aspirations to ensure the upcoming poll takes place in a peaceful and transparent manner, stressing that Southwest remains an integral part of the stabilization process in the country.

On his side, AMISOM head, Ambassador Madeira assured the aspirants that AMISOM forces alongside the Somali forces, will ensure and guarantee the security of the election and its venues. Their trip was part of ongoing efforts to seek resolution for the political standoff between the federal government and the regional states. During their stay in Baidoa, they had held a meeting with Southwest President, Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan. Elections for the state are scheduled for 17 November in Baidoa.