Galmudug President Haaf & Vice President Clash Over Farmaajo Arbitration Offer

The political tension in Somalia’s Galmudug has gone a notch higher after the region’s top leaders publicly clashed over whether to accept or decline President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo offer to arbitrate ongoing political crisis.

Ahmed Duale Gelle Haaf the regional president on Sunday declined Farmaajo’s offer saying the head of state should stop interfering with Galmudug’s affairs.

Haaf accuses Villa Somalia of being behind clan based armed conflict in the region and added that did not need the services of Farmaajo to resolve his region’s problems.

“The problems in Galmudug whether security or political are cooked at Villa Somalia,” Haaf said. “The federal government will be held responsible.” Haaf stated.

Vice President Mohamed Hashi differed with his boss.

Hashi said he will be meeting Farmaajo on Monday as was planned.

“I am ready to go to Mogadishu and I am ready for the mediation” Hashi said in a statement.
He accused Haaf of “poor leadership” in Galmudug.