End Somali Bantu Discrimination, MP Nuur Tells Parliament

The recent brutal murder of a Somali bantu mechanic in Mogadishu has triggered a national debate on the discrimination and prejudice of the ethnic group.

Federal Parliament of Somalia MP Mohamed Nur took the debate to Parliament on Monday demanding an end to the discrimination of the Somali bantu community.

Nuur shocked the Parliament when he related of his own experience at the hands of Somali immigration officers old Parliament at the Aden Abdulle Airport when he was a Jubaland regional Minister.

“I arrived at the Mogadishu airport with my diplomatic passport. The immigration officers scrutinised me and talked to each other saying this Ugandan has a Somali diplomatic passport. The officer orders I pay $50. They were adressing me in English but I ignored them. Finally I answered them in Somali and explained who I was” Nuur told Parliament.

“Majority of Somalis are ignorant of the existence of the Somali bantu community who are nationals of this country” he said.

“If we can marry white women in America I dont understand why our brothers here in Somalia dont allow us to marry from other clans” Nuur said.

“Discrimination thrives in Somalia. Lets be civilised and lets not allow discrimination in our country” he told Parliament.

Ahmed Mukhtar Salat the Mogadishu mechanic was lynched by the in laws of his nephew who were protesting their daughter’s marriage to a man from a different clan.

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