Hundreds Demonstrate Against Clan-Hate Instigated Killing Of Mogadishu Mechanic

undreds of mourners joined the funeral procession of slain Mogadishu mechanic who was torched to death by a lynch-mob after his nephew married to a different clan.

The road from the Digfeer Hospital where the deceased Ahmed Salat’s body laid in the last three days to the cemetery was flocked with angry mourners chanting “Allahu Akbar” as they proceeeded to his resting place.

Salat is from the Shiidle subclan of the larger Jareerweyn clan also referred to us the Somali bantu.

Relatives of the bride’s mother are said to have accosted Ahmed Mukhtar Salah at his garage workplace in Yaqshid Mogadishu setting him ablaze.

Salah was in the delegation that met the family of the bride before a wedding was set.
The father of the bride had accepted the marriage but the mother’s side protested according to a relative.

Police are yet to make public if any suspects have been charged to date.
The couple were on their honeymoon in Mogadishu when Salah was killed.

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