Somali State of Ethiopia Leader Mustafa Omer Resigns From His UN Post

The newly sworn regional President of Ethiopian Somali State Mustafa Omer has announced his resignation from the United Nations ,

“Today I resigned from my job at the UN. 13 pleasant years with OCHA ended today. The feeling is like I left my home!” Omer tweeted on Monday a day after he was sworn in as the regions president.

Omer had served as humanitarian Liaison Officer for the UN humanitarian mission in Somalia and the Head Strategic planning and coordination Ocha Somalia Nairobi.

Mustafa has also worked for many international NGOs including Save the Children, WFP, UN OCHA, among others.

He has wide experience working with UN humanitarian mission. He was moved to Zimbabwe in 2007/8 by OCHA after his life was threatened when he helped expose the human-rights abuses the TPLF was committing in the Somali region of Ethiopia.

He is an economist by profession and holds a Masters of Science degree in Agricultural Economics

A meeting by the executive and council members of Ethiopian Somali People’s Democratic Party and clan elders in Addis Ababa last Wednesday unanimously nominated Omer as the acting President of the Somali region replacing embattled Abdi Iley.

Mr. Omer will head the region in acting capacity until the May 2020 elections.