ISIS Claims Assassination Of Policeman in Mogadishu, Releases Photos To Prove

The so called Islamic State ISIS has claimed responsibility for the killing of a policeman in the Somalia capital Mogadishu on Tuesday afternoon.

ISIS through its affiliated media outlets released photos purporting to show the actual assassination of the policeman in broad day light on the streets of the busy Bakara Market.

This is the first assassination to be claimed by the group in Mogadishu.

Pro ISIS militants have been attributed to at least 4 assassinations mainly in Afgoye district.

One of the assassinations targeted an elderly Prison officer . His killing was captured in photos by the group.

In April a  suspected ISIS militant identified as  Jama Hussein Hassan was arrested in Mogadishu and found with bomb making equipment.

Pro ISIS militants in Somalia are led by Sheikh Abdiqadir Mumin and mainly based in the remote parts of the Galgaal mountains in Puntland.


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