Somalia Denies Looted Weapons On Sale In Mogadishu Streets

Somalia government has broken its silence on the alleged reports that weapons looted by UAE trained soldiers at the General Gordon barracks had find its way to the Mogadishu blackmarket.

Interior Security Spokesman  Abdulaziz Ali Ibrahim told journalists that an investigative report published by Reuters was misleading.

“The media and private local news websites have published baseless reports that some of the weapons at the General Gordon military training were looted and are being sold in the markets,” Abdiaziz said.

Reuters had this week reported that 600 rifles looted by soldiers were on sale in Mogadishu. The report was backed by photographs purporting to show stolen rifles for sale.

The spokesman however acknowledged an existing arms blackmarket in the Somalia capital.

“There are arms markets in Afghanistan, Iraq and US so what prevents such business from thriving in Mogadishu, which has experienced armed conflict? We hope to do something about this” Abdiaziz said.

The spokesman has however been accused of being aloof of what is happening in Mogadishu.

“He has no authority to speak from Kismayo while government weapons is been sold on the streets of Mogadishu. Reuters gave all the evidence required for the story what the government needs to do is to take action not dismissing such serious allegations” Mohamed Siyat a political commentator told Radio Dalsan.

Abdiaziz is currently attending a book fair in Jubbland´s administrative headquarters Kismayo.

Early this week fighting between UAE trained soldiers and Somalia National Army erupted at the barracks. The former had reportedly broke into an arson and several made their way with stolen weapons while at least 40 were arrested awaiting to face mutiny charges.