BREAKING: Firefight Reported In Mogadishu As SNA Soldiers Hunt Down Rebel UAE Trained Forces

Fighting has been reported near the Ex Control Afgoye junction in the Somalia capital Mogadishu between SNA soldiers and UAE trained forces on Monday night.

SNA had been on a manhunt for UAE trained soldiers who had reportedly broke into the armory at the General Gordan barracks earlier.

The highest ranking UAE trained soldier Colonel Hassan Jami has however denied that his men are involved in the ongoing firefight between forces loyal to him and the SNA.

Jami told Radio Dalsan that a group of UAE trained soldiers had rebelled and escaped with arms after breaking the armory.

An unknown number of soldiers have were killed and many other injured after the UAE trained troops clashed with Somalia National Army at the General Gordan barrack in Mogadishu.

SNA was deployed to the barracks to quell the situation resulting to the shooting between the two government troops.

“We will follow those who escaped from the camp and possess weapons” Somalia´s Army Chief Abdiweli Jami Gorod told journalists on Monday.

The arrested soldiers face possible mutiny charges in the Somali military court.

On Saturday the barrack was officially handed over to the Defense Ministry after Abu Dhabi disbanded it´s military training last week following the latest diplomatic spat between the two countries .