EXCLUSIVE: UK Presssures Madhoobe To Release Somali-Brit MP “Taajir”

The United Kingdom has asked  Jubbaland President Ahmed Islam Madhoobe to release Ahmed Abdi Hassan Taajir  a British citizen who is also an opposition MP in the state, a local official told Radio Dalsan.

UK Ambassador to Somalia Davis Concar  on Saturday travelled to  Kismayu the administrative capital of Jubbaland to to hold a meeting which among the agenda was the recent clampdown on opposition Mps in the state.

MP Hassan was stripped off his immunity by a Parliamentary committee and a day later arrested for giving “false” information in his bid to table a vote of no confidence against Madhoobe’s cabinet.

Mr. Hassan who holds a British passport was by Sunday still in detention accused the cabinet of incompetence.

Five opposition Mps fled Jubbaland in the wake of a clampdown on opposition as Madhoobe issued a travel ban to all lawmakers in a move to silence his critics.