My Life is Threatened, Sen. Qeybdid Says

Senator Abdi Hassan Awale “Qeybdiid”  on Saturday claimed tha  his life is in danger , Radio Dalsan reports.

Speaking at a press conference in Mogadishu, Senator Qeybdiid said that he fears for his life and those of his family members since the government has not acted on those who raided his home on December 30, 2017.

“Since my Senatorial immunity has been violated, I feel there is a possibility of danger in my life and those of my family members. This can happen to any national leader and the federal government should be responsible for the safety of all Somali citizens,” he said.

Senator Qeybdiid said that the aim of the illegal raid on his Mogadishu home, that was carried out by forces sent from General Gordon Training Academy in Hodan district which is managed by the United Arab Emirates, in collaboration with Banadir based NISA

“The aim of that awkward and painful incident was to murder me but Allah has saved me from it. But it has left me with sadness and pain and terrorized my children and family members. And one of my guards Said Hussein Hirsi who is a member of the Somali Police force was injured in the raid and is in a hospital up to date,” said Senator Qeybdiid.

Senator Qeybdiid said that being an elder and a national leader, he considered the current situation of the country and has done his best to cool down the public in regard to the issue and gave the country’s top leaders time to act on the issue.

“When I arrived at home one hour after the incident, I met members of the public who angered by the awful attack on my home. Being a Somali elder, while using my personal experience and guarding the calmness and stability of the government, that of the politics and the position I hold, I decided to solve the incident which could have led to adverse effect to the residents of Mogadishu, and give national leaders and other concerned agencies the opportunity to investigate and act on the party behind the incident,” added Qeybdiid.

The Senator thanked President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed and Prime Minister Hassan Kheyre for being concerned and reacting to the incident immediately but showed his disappointment with the leaders’ lack of not taking legal action against the security officials who were involved in the raid for over a month.

“I first thank the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia Mr Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and the Prime Minister Mr Hassan Ali Kheyre who reacted to the act and sent me messages of their concerned feelings and appointed a committee to investigate the matter. But its unfortunate that after thirty-three days, there is no any legal action taken against the UAE security officials who raided my home,” said the Senator.