Exclusive Interview: UK Foreign Secretary calls for urgent assistance to starving Somalis , reiterates UK commitment to improving security and optimistic about London conference

UK Foreign Secretary of State Boris Johnson has called for swift reaction by the international community to avert Somalia from an impending  famine.

In an exclusive interview with Radio Dalsan in Mogadishu Boris Johnson said the UK had donated 110 million Pounds towards assisting Somalia deal with the drought that has had devastating impact on some 5 million people across the country.

“We have to deal with the drought. Its an urgent problem and UK is giving money We are very supportive” Johnson told Radio Dalsan Reporter Hassan Istiila.

“That money is already been used to buy food now for people who are starving we are giving medicine to help people fight cholera and that already  is having an impact. We think other countries now need to follow suit and join us” he added.

Johnson had earlier visited the UN Drought Operations Coordination Center.

Johnson reiterated UKs support to improve security in  Somalia a country that is still dealing with an ongoing insurgency.

He had earlier had talks with the new President  Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmaajo  in which security cooperation was widely discussed.

“My number one issue in my view is to address the security issue . The political issue. That’s the thing if you get that right  then every other thing follows . If you increase a safe country  solve the bad governance the corruption Alshabaab and all that problem then you deal with the  drought and anything” Jonhson told Radio Dalsan.


He said he remained optimistic that the London Conference on Somalia set for May.

Asked by Radio Dalsan what achievements are likely to come out of the London Conference Johnson said.

“Number one is Unity of Somalia security architecture of Somalia so that it can deal with its clans structure its problems  of bad governance and corruption  we need a unified approach” he said.

“We want to see confidence in the international community  by investing in Somalia” he added.

“My message to Somalia people is that Britain is with you . The UK has been  backing Somalia for a long time we will be there for a long time “  he concluded in his interview with Radio Dalsan.

Johnson also had a meeting with Somali British Mps  who make the bulk of  dual citizenship  lawmakers in the Somali Parliament.

Else My message to somalia is At the moment Johnson met President Farmaajo where the

There are presence of UK security personell in Somalia who have been  provide asssistnce and training to SNA and Amisom they are doing incredible job. I saw them this morning all sort of training is going on and that’s very important.