Buloburde Ex Mayor Shot Dead Upon Return From 3 yrs of Islamic Missionary

Unknown gunmen late Monday shot dead shot dead former Mayor of Buloburde in the Hiraan region town of Beledyweyne.

The shooting occurred when the former Mayor Abdi Idow Sabriye had come out of a local mosque after attending the evening prayers.

A relative said that the former Mayor had returned to Beledweyn after 3 years going round the region to propagate Islam with the local Jamaat Tabligh group.

Although no group has claimed responsibility for the shooting similar attacks have in the past been blame on the Somali militant group Alshabaab which has in the past staged attacks targeting government officials , government soldiers and Djibouti Amisom troops

The slain civic leader had served as Mayor Buloburde in 2006-2009.





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