Banadir regime banns trade and use of narcotics and in Mogadishu

The governor of the Banadir Region and mayor of Mogadishu, Yusuf Hussein Jim’ale Madale, declared prohibition of use and trade of narcotics such as shisha ,taboo tobacco, marijuana , both locally brewed and distilled alcoholic drinks .
The mayor also announced a crackdown on hangout spots where young people are allegedly using recreational drugs and smoking shisha.
His administration ordered closure of lounges in Mogadishu before Midnight .
Last week, the Banadir regional administration revoked several business licenses in Mogadishu after anti-drug operations led by the Mayor in the capital.However, the administration did not mention the names of the closed businesses.He further fortified his actions for shutting down business that harbour consumption of drugs and other immoral vices .
Banadir regime also accused the lounges for operating with fake or outdated permits.
Business owners present at the meeting with the governor of Banadir praised the new policies of the administration.This comes days after  after a video of the Mayor lashing civilians relaxing at Liido beach in Mogadishu surfaced the internet.The footage sparked widespread outrage and condemnation. In defence of his actions, Madale claimed that the individuals were using drugs and engaging in debauchery.The mayor’s directives come a midst burgeoning growing drug abuse problem and the germination of youth gangs in the city.The Banadir region administration, spearheaded by mayor launched operations against drug gangs in Mogadishu

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