Arrests Ordered in Puntland Following Deadly Clash: Former Finance Minister Among Those Accused

Authorities in the Somali state of Puntland have ordered the arrest of four political figures, including former Finance Minister Hassan Shire Abgaal, over their alleged involvement in a violent clash in Garowe this week.

The fatal incident left two army soldiers dead and has heightened existing political tensions in the region.

The clash occurred on Tuesday when a group of armed men attacked a military checkpoint in Garowe, the capital of Puntland. Two soldiers were killed, and several others were injured. The attackers fled the scene, but authorities were able to identify them through surveillance footage.

Following the incident, Puntland authorities ordered the arrest of four political figures, including Abgaal. The others are believed to be members of his political faction. The government has accused them of being involved in the planning and execution of the attack.

The arrests have sparked outrage among Abgaal’s supporters, who have accused the government of political persecution. They argue that the charges are baseless and are being used to silence opposition voices.

However, the government has defended its actions, stating that it is committed to maintaining law and order in the region. In a statement, the Puntland State Presidency said that “no one is above the law” and that those who break it will be held accountable.

The incident has further heightened existing political tensions in Puntland, which has been grappling with a power struggle between President Deni and his opponents. The region has been hit by a wave of political violence in recent months, with several high-profile assassinations and attacks on government officials.

The latest incident has raised concerns about the stability and security of the region, which is strategically located on the Gulf of Aden and is considered a key player in the fight against piracy and terrorism in the Horn of Africa.

As the situation continues to develop, many are calling for calm and restraint on all sides. It remains to be seen what impact the arrests will have on the political landscape of Puntland and whether they will help to quell the violence or further inflame tensions.

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