Arms delivery to Puntland missing, report

Reliable source with in Garowe administration have confirmed to the media that significant component of recent arms delivery is missing.

An official in the Puntland President office who didn’t want his name to be disclosed beacuse not authorized to speak to the media has confirmed.

No official clarification comment from both federal government in Mogadishu and the regional administration of Puntland in Garowe on the claims.

However sources in Mogadishu said the federal government has delivered the arsenal as received from United Arab Emirates and no blame on its side what soever.

Federal government of Somalia move two weeks ago to send arms cache to Puntland was in response to appeal the regional administration to federal government against the fight on armed group Alshabaab which is trying to expand on its territory.

Puntland security officials said over 200 militants killed and 46 detained mainly children during the operation.

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