Ambassador Kay applauds Federal government Progress

The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Somalia (SRSG) Nicholas Kay on Thursday made a statement about the ongoing Somali peace efforts following planned meetings with the Somali stakeholders in the last two weeks.

“I am encouraged by the firm commitments I have heard from the President, Prime Minister, Speaker and the leaders of Puntland, the IJA and the ISWA to delivering Somalia’s Vision 2016 plan without any extension of the term of the Parliament or President in September 2016. Across the country there is a determination to respect this deadline, but also concern that time is now short.” The envoy said.

The UN ambassador said that international community is committed to continue its support to Somali Federal government in order to accomplish the planned vision, saying that UN is not anticipating any term extension from the serving leaders.

“The UN and international partners will continue to provide support for Somalia’s institutions and people as they undertake this ambitious state-building agenda that they have set themselves.

“I commend warmly the Federal Government’s commitment to accelerate much needed progress until the end of their mandate in September 2016 and I welcome the engagement of Somalia’s emerging federal member states in supporting this process. I salute the courage of members of the Federal Parliament and urge MPs to re-double their efforts in the coming session to pass essential laws. The United Nations is committed to working with the Somali people to support peace, stability and progress across the country,” he added.


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