Al Shabaab suicide car bomb targets Central regional state formation meeting

Huge exploision siad to be suicide car bomb has rocked near a conference hall in Adado city where central regional state establihment was ongoing.

The exploision was followed by exchange of gunfire between AMISOM troops and Al Shabaab fighters.

Somali Internal Security Spokesman said all three Al Shabaab fighters were shot dead by AMISOM troops and another one who was behind suicide car bomb also died.

Mohamed Yussuf said the group plan to attack the meeting was foiled by security agencies in the area.

Al Shabaab spokesman sheikh Abdulaziz Abu Musab said they were behind the attack which was aimed at targeting AMISOM troops and the meeting.

It the first attack in the first day of Ramadan as Al Shabaab vowed to carry out more attacks against government and AMISOM targets in the country during the holy month.

Somali Paramilitary force and AMISOM police matched throuh the streets of Mogadishu on Wednesday to showcase their preparation on Al Shabaab Ramadan attacks.

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