A Journalist Held In Jowhar Jail For The Fifth Day

The Jowhar police have on 28th of December 2017 arrested journalist Abdishakur Shasha who is the owner of City FM – a radio station in Jowhar which covers the Middle Shabelle region.

Reports say that the region’s administration is behind his arrest but so far they have not issued any statement on the same.

The chairman of the Middle Shabelle Journalists Association Mr Ismail Abdulle Zabriye said that they (the association) discussed the issue with the local authority but were told the journalist is held under Hir-Shebelle state house’s order. This made the association’s effort to have him released hard as they don’t know the wrong he committed and who to deal with directly to solve the matter.

Zabriye concluded that journalists in the region have requested the authorities to set the journalist free and some members of the parliament are now working towards his release.

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