Dr. Mohamed Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed wins HOP 086

The election of the Hop086 seat was today held in Mogadishu was contested by two candidates , namely Abdirisaaq Bukhari Ahmed and Dr. Mohamed Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed who contested for the seat.

As announced by the elections committee, Dr. Mohamed Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed won the seat after the his competitor Abdirisaq Bukhari Ahmed withdrew from the race.

He received all the votes of the delegates who attended the session, which were 98 delegates, which let for him becoming a member of the People’s Assembly, as announced by the election committee.

This seat, which was previously won by Fahad Yassin, was nullified because FEIT said the legal  procedures set for the election was not passes on the process raising questions of integrity, and the position had been vacant for the past few months.

Dr. Mohamed Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed was preserved for this seat by the government of Somalia according to reports, as a result of the election, five candidates were excluded, including the former deputy director of the office of the presidency, Nur Mohamed Ahmed


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