5 Farmers Killed In US Raid Targeting Militants Near Afgoye

At least 5 people were killed and one seriously injured after a  raid on Thursday by US Special Forces and SNA troops targeting Al-Shabaab militants in the Lower Shabelle village of Maalinka near of Afgoye.

The five have been identified by locals as farm workers killed at a Banana plantation.

An security official told Radio Dalsan that the raid was executed by foreign troops in helicopters and SNA Special forces.

The bodies of the dead were transported to Mogadishu by Somali security agents while the injured is undergoing specialised treatment.

The raid targeted marked Al-Shabaab commanders.Three militants were seized by the US forces.

Somalia government has yet to issue a statement on the killing of the five civilians.

In 2017 a similar attack  targeting AlShabaab militants in Barire killed ten farmers.

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