Jawari re-elected Speaker position dimmimg Sharif Hassan Presidential ambitions

Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari was on Wednesday voted the Speaker of the 10th Parliament retaining the position for a second term.

Jawari beat his closest contender Mohamed Hidig by 142 to 97 votes in the balloting that was held at the Parliament buildings in the capital Mogadishu

Other contenders were Geesey who got 17 votes and Taktar 2 votes (full names please) In his acceptance speech Jawari pledged to be just despite political difference between Mps that saw some vote against him .
Hidig on the other hand accepted his defeat but called on Mps to push for new leadership and changes in the Somalia political scenario in an apparent signal the lawmakers not to vote for incumbent president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in the coming presidential elections.
Jawari’s candidature was backed by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud , Prime Minister Omar Sharmakee, Sheikh Sharif, four state leaders and ten more candidates surprisingly ending up with only half the votes.
What was clear in today’s election is that Presidential candidate Sharif Hassan Adan ‘s influence played a pivotal role . Adan was the only candidate backing Hidig for the speaker position
“the re-appointment of Jawari means that Sheikh Hassan’s ambition to alter power sharing structure is untenable but emerged as a force to reckon with “ Abdihakim Ainte said the political Analysts however question if Adan will be able to keep the 100 plus Mps allied to him as they gather to vote for the next president later this month as he keeps on with his main campaign theme that it is time Somalia has a president from other clans beside Darood or Hawiye

The international community and Somali leaders congratulated Jawari following his win UNSOM in its twitter account said “this is a truly remarkable moment for Somalia”
“Congratulations to Prof Jawari on his re-election we look forward to continuing working with him and the Somalia parliament” UK Embassy in Somalia tweeted

The 71 year old Speaker was born in Afgooye to a Digil Mirifle family and is a lawyer by profession . He held the portfolio of two ministry serving in the Siad Barre administration. He was Speaker in 2012 and briefly served as acting president of Somalia in the same year.