Last minute canvassing by politicians ahead of speaker’s election

There has been a rush by politicians to canvas for support ahead of the Speaker of the Parliament elections set for Wednesday.

Sharif Hassan South West President and presidential candidate on wednesday night held a meeting with Somaliland Mps at Aljazeera Hotel second floor where he is said to have offered financial incentives.

On the fourth floor however President Hassan sheikh Mohamud team were campaigning for Jawari.

The Speaker election is crucial in Somalia politics as it is the deciding factor on which clan is to run for the presidential and Premiership elections according to the 4.5 clan system.

Presidential candidate Sharif Hassan and most of the Digil Mirifle Mps would want to see Abdirashid Hidig a Darood win while Hawiye and Darood candidates and Mps will be hoping for Jawari the incumbent a Digil Mirifle to win.

Analysts say of Sharif Hassan will manage to put the Somaliland vote into one basket the country should brace for the unexpected.